Web Development & UX/UI Design

Stop wasting your time with sweatshops that don't care about your goals and let's build something great together.


Shark Utopia


A community-driven platform dedicated to collecting data about sharks, currently showcasing over 30 species and 7000 atacks.

HoMM Utopia


A passion project dedicated to my favorite video game. Platform contains high-quality guides, helper tools, listings of videos, content creators, and much more.

Laser Print


B2B E-commerce web app designed and built to promote Laser Print on the web and to enable their customers an easy way to browse their products.

Partner with me to develop fast, responsive & feature-rich apps with the power of Node, React & Vue

Web and mobile development

UX/UI Design

Marketing websites

Admin dashboards

Content Management Systems

Inventory Management Systems

Bots and Automation

Third-party API integration

Why me?

My goal as a developer is simple, and it's to make sure your project is working well and that you're not wasting your time worrying about something designed to help you. With experience gained from 50+ development projects in different industries and with clients from all over the world, I've learned how to understand your business requirements and turn them from thought to readable, optimized code with a nice look.

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